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Another way is possible.

I'm Letesia Gibson. 

Clients benefit from my innate creative thinking, compassionate truth-telling, enthusiastic vision, practical application and courage to clear out the elephants in the room. New Ways is in my blood! 

My entrepreneurial career through leadership in research, innovation, future-proofing, business strategy and coaching has enabled me to work with hundreds of brands and businesses to bravely step into new ways.

My background in psychology and fascination with true personal growth means I am constantly learning, experimenting and practising new ways in my own life as well as in those of my clients.


I've personally created and experienced many different business models of work, workplace concepts and cultures designed to better support our needs today and tomorrow. 


I hold a strong belief that work needs to look different for both people and businesses and that any new normal needs to be co-created together. 

New Ways 

Deliberately Developmental. 

I work with the most progressive coaching approaches using neuroscience, positive psychology, somatic mind-body coaching, and conscious leadership to teach clients how to self-coach and support those around them.




In my diverse network of creatives, businesses, consultants, coaches, therapists, artists and body-workers, there is a rich tapestry of inputs to inspire new learning and change in a specific chapter of your learning and growth. 

Environment Is Everything.

Whether an online programme or on a physical residential, the environment for the work is carefully considered. We work outside, with nature, in spaces and at times that help you think and feel differently. I bring a wealth of experience in designing environments to support change and growth from years of creative facilitation. 

Practice, Practice, Practice​.


I work with experiments to test and try on new ways which are then put into practice in the real world. Practice and consistency are the keys to lasting change and we work with and together we measure the change we are seeing.