From Burnout to Bright Light: ​

The Get You Back Programme

Get back to your best self with 3-months of coaching and 7-day immersion in North Ibiza

You were once a

shining bright light

You used to be a powerhouse of productivity, who put your everything into your work because you really care. Highly capable and creative, with enviable levels of energy.

But now your batteries won't fully charge

You find you get exhausted, emotionally and physically. If you're honest with yourself, it's affecting your work and making everything harder. You feel like a shadow of your former self.

You don't know what to change to make it better

Your usual strategies aren’t working. You plough on, knowing it’s not sustainable but don’t know how to change things for the better.

Does this sound like you?


A personalised support programme 


Burnout is the ultimate battle between our minds and our bodies. The head-strong win when we are battling with a burnout in jobs we want to be good at or relationships we want to work. Too many of us stick it out, not noticing the damage we are really doing to our emotional, physical and our spiritual wellbeing until we reach the 'I can't take it anymore' moment. 

Turning burnout around needs us to reconnect with our bodies, step out of our strong minds to see the truth and to make changes in our environment so that our true needs (not the ones we think are important) are better met. 

Coaching starts from the moment you sign up, giving you immediate support with overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion. Together we’ll navigate your current experience and isolate what’s most challenging so you start to feel in control again.


In Ibiza, you’ll work with our expert team to gain burnout specific tools, body intelligence training and complete recuperation so you have new clarity, strength and wisdom to get back to the person you know you are.


At home, when reality gets in the way of good intention, personal and group coaching will keep you accountable so that the change you need really happens. 


To have clarity on your way forward with holistic, lasting change

Burnout can’t be ‘fixed’ on a retreat. It needs a carefully considered programme to support people to truly see what's causing it, know what solutions are right for them and then be brave enough to activate those solutions in real life. Our programme’s three phases, Awaken, Immersion and Strengthen specifically respond to these needs.

What can I expect from the programme?

To feel deeply nourished and recharged from within

Led by a team who have personally experienced burnout, you’ll learn how to better resource yourself in every way so you can make compassionate choices that allow you to be well and do well. Your time at the restorative immersion will give you plenty of space for quiet reflection, recovery and to regain energy for change.

A personal approach to addressing your specific experience 

No two burnouts are the same. Over the course of the programme, you will learn how your environment, relationships, personal drivers, mindset and your body’s response are contributing to keeping you here.  We work with you as an individual level supporting each person's journey

Body-mind intelligence to recharge and restore your power

We will lead you through a body-focused programme towards optimal wellbeing and management of stress. Through coaching, teachings from body intelligence science, energy management training, yoga therapy, reconnective energy healing, nutritional guidance and carefully selected additional therapies, you’ll feel stronger and reconnected to your own self-healing potential.

Specialist nutritional support to heal burnout bodies

Burnout creates bodies with adrenal overload, weak immunity, digestive and gastrointestinal issues, migraines, nausea, issues with clear thinking and memory, to name but a few common symptoms.  Our nutritional guidance and meals you’ll receive at the immersion have been specially designed to nourish and support these issues from the inside out. 

A serene place to reconnect with you

From the minute we start working together, you will feel instantly supported, with new possibilities for your life. We accept where you are, give a safe space to open up and create a place to learn how to make change. You'll leave full of new wisdom and a sense of confidence that a new way is possible.

What does the Programme Include


Included in your investment is:

Coaching Programme

  • 1 x 90 min private ‘Foundations’ coaching session

  • 2 x 60 min private ‘Back to Reality' coaching sessions

  • 2 x 30 min private ‘Body Intelligence’ sessions

  • 3 x 60 min ‘Stay on Track’ group support sessions

  • Structured activities to aid identification of causes, management of symptoms and creation of solutions 

  • Teachings and inspirational content at each stage 

Retreat only or full programme options

Enquire for full details

Residential Immersion

  • Daily 90 min group yoga therapy sessions 

  • 2 x 60 min private reconnective energy sessions

  • Evening decompression with yoga nidra, meditation or sound bath experiences

  • 5 day coaching programme using burnout-specific tools and frameworks to deepen insight and transformation

  • Energy management training to start applying immediately

  • Learn to use your breath workshop

  • Tap into the power of your voice workshop

  • Burnout nutrition masterclass

  • Burnout sleep masterclasses

  • A strategic plan to tackle your burnout in a new holistic way

  • Restorative countryside walks or hikes

  • Exclusive use of our own villa and woodland grounds

  • Luxury accommodation (allocated first come first serve basis)

  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 

Programme Dates

Phase 1: Awaken (2 weeks at home)

14th March - 28th March 2020

Phase 2: Immersion (7 days in Ibiza)

28th March - 3rd April 2020

Phase 3: Strengthen (9 weeks at home)

week 6th April - 1st June 2020

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Your Team


Letesia Gibson,
Lead Coach and Trainer

Letesia Gibson brings her training in transformational life coaching, positive psychology and somatic coaching together with workplace culture, leadership development and organisational psychology expertise to help people and teams flourish at work.


As a senior leader, business owner and entrepreneur she brings a real-world take on the work challenges of our time. Her burnout of 2014, or ‘spiritual awakening’ as she prefers to see it, woke her up to the importance of setting boundaries, staying true to your purpose, the strength in vulnerability and the true cost of toxicity in the workplace.


She believes that burnout is caused by two things. Firstly, a dissonance between who we really are and the external version of us. Secondly, a gap between our expectations of life and work and the lived experience of it.


Wherever you are on our 10 stage model of burnout, the programme is designed to support you back to wellbeing by focusing on the three pillars of Self, Body and Environment to give you all you need to get back to you. 

Larah Davies,
Yoga Practice and Yoga Therapy

Larah’s journey to yoga therapy started with her own need to heal after a traumatic car accident that left her with physical and emotional injuries. Today she works as a master yoga teacher, with credentials in yoga, yoga therapy, NLP and Integrative Quantum medicine. She deeply believes that we all have the power to heal ourselves and her work on her own retreats and those of her collaborators has seen her support people with burnout and other forms of stress back to a place of homeostasis and equilibrium. She meets her clients where they are to support them to develop an individualised practice that best supports their therapeutic needs.

Louise Davies,
Reconnective Energy,
Sound Healing

Louise burned out in a career working in the high-pressured world of luxury events for uber premium clientele. Unachievable deadlines, a toxic environment and a culture that prioritised profit over wellbeing put her in hospital. Thankfully she found her way to energy work, which she now sees as her true purpose. As an energy practitioner, she supports clients to experience their own self-healing and to remove blockages of trapped emotions and trauma. She works with an array of different disciplines including EFT, Reiki, Sound Baths and Kundalini Yoga. She joins us in particular so our clients can experience Reconnective Energy Healing, which has the power to work at a cellular level to encourage healing where needed.