Real Talk About Race:

Anti-racist action that counts

Learn how to make meaningful change in your life and workplace.








8-week online interactive course. 

For anyone seeking an anti-racist stance.

Show up to your equality values.

Learn in a safe and non-judgmental space.

Replace fear with curiosity. 

Be accountable.

As a non-black person, you feel uncertain about what do right now.

Whatever your skin colour, knowing how to talk about race can be a challenge. You know it's important to talk but you feel scared of saying or doing the wrong thing. You might not know what to say.  You may lack the confidence to speak out. You're feeling uncomfortable with what your privilege might mean for you. 

You have the energy to act but do not know how to best direct it.

You may have the resources and are starting to educate yourself but are left questioning 'Then what?' You may be well educated but are struggling to know what you can actually do differently to make the change you want to see. You may be in a position to lead solutions but are unsure how to avoid them not having the impact they need to this time.

You know that the workplace needs to be a leader of change.  

Deep down you know this is more than a diversity representation issue, although that's important too. You know that questions need to be asked, uncomfortable realities faced and new ways practised. You want to play a role to do that so that you can make a lasting impact.

Does this sound like you?

If we want to create lasting change, we need to start from within.



Once we accept that we have all played a part in maintaining an unfair system, it's the change we evoke in ourselves that will start to create a meaningful difference in our communities and workplaces. We need to learn about privilege so we become better equality allies and role models. We need to start seeing how power can be helpful in increasing the pace of change if it is used responsibly. We need to grow our courage to speak out in ways that feel authentic to who we are and what we stand for.


This course is for those that genuinely want to show up stronger.


This is an intimate learning and reflection space to support one another to become more conscious about the impact of race in our lives. It is for those committed to using their personal power to make positive changes. This is a supportive, non-judgmental, safe place. It is designed to enable us to become stronger role models in our communities and workplaces, so we are able to have the uncomfortable conversations and be leaders for the kind of change we seek. 

Course Content


Week 1: What do we need?  

Learning Outcome: Co-create the ground rules for our community

Week 2: What am I feeling?

Learning Outcome: Get comfortable with the discomfort of race talk

Week 3: When I open my eyes, what do I see?​

Learning Outcome: Develop the skills to be a better observer 


Week 4: How can I start with curiosity?

Learning Outcome: Learn to replace fear with curiosity

Week 5: How can I walk the walk of equality?

Learning Outcome: Align behaviours to values around equality

Week 6: What will help me to be courageous?

Learning Outcome: Find the courage to speak up and call out.

Week 7: How can I have the most impact?

Learning Outcome: Know what is yours to do

Week 8: What am I going to do?

Learning Outcome: Clear actions and accountability 

Eight 60 minute workshops. 

Personalised activities.

Guided self-awareness training.

What can I expect from the programme?


A safe space to express, learn and grow 

Learning groups will be limited to a max of 8 people. You may choose to journey with your own team or select to sign up as an individual to work with others who share your privilege or elect to learn in a mixed-race environment. You will be supported to find the right learning space so that you get the most from the course and each other. Practically, we will connect in weekly workshops and have self-reflective work to do offline.

A place to practice trying on new ways 

As much as we are learning, we are unlearning too. It makes us feel exposed. Getting it wrong, being clumsy and feeling triggered will happen. You'll learn how to navigate this with a toolkit that gives better ways to support yourself and others.  By replacing fear with curiosity, we can make progress without having all the answers or knowing exactly what to do.

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Learn how to become an equality role model

With each session focused on a specific learning outcome, participants are guided through self -awareness training, learn how to be stronger observers to their reality and to overcome the hurdles preventing them being visible in speaking out. The course culminates in defined actions to take forward in lives and workplaces that make the most of each person's personal power for change. 

Be part of a support community making real impact

With the friendship, support and accountability of your learning community, you will find a new confidence to know what is yours to do when it comes to race equality and everyday racism. My intention is for lasting connections that support you as your change starts to have real-world impact and momentum. And you will have been a part of creating genuine cultures of belonging in our communities and workplaces.

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I'm Letesia. I'm mixed race. My father is a mix of Black Jamaican and White British. My mother's family are White British. I'm proud of my heritage.

I believe that we all play a role in creating and leading the change we want to see in our workplaces. We need to do better to create cultures of true belonging. I believe that self-awareness, genuine curiosity and great courage are the cornerstone skills for role modelling change. With this trio, we can begin to promote anti-racist behaviour, step into true equality and become the equality role models we know we can be.

As a coach, consultant and wellbeing expert I work with individuals and teams to create real change in their work lives and workplaces. I understand how culture works, how it keeps unhelpful beliefs and behaviours alive and how we can adjust it to create lasting change. I work with courage, compassion and care to help people show up as better versions of themselves. 

Your course leader