In a world of distraction, learn how to hack your flow

Your body, not your mind, has the keys to creative flow. Master how to navigate the modern workplace drains on creativity to make way for your best work.

What's blocking your creative flow?

As someone who needs creativity on tap, you’ll be familiar with the things that get in the way. No time. Ridiculous deadlines. Procrastination. Over thinking. Over-flowing inboxes. Demanding clients. Your own ego. Anxiety about quality of ideas.


Is it any wonder it's stressing more and more of us out? 

Come join us for a one-day master class in how to use your body intelligence to put you in back control of things. You will develop personal practices to find and stay in flow and learn how to better navigate the things that block it.


Expect a hands-on day, full of practical ideas and experiential learning, rooted in the latest body-mind science, that you can start applying in your life straight away.  We’ll be in an inspiring space with the luxury of a day off-line so you can do the work on you free from distraction.


What does the Programme cover?


Over a day of self-discovery, you will learn

  • How flow is an individual experience and how to optimise your personal experience of it 

  • How to access your flow state by giving your nervous system what it needs

  • What blocks flow in your day-to-day work and how to get beyond these barriers

  • How to stop creeping anxiety and panic from disrupting your flow

  • How to get out of your own way so your creative flow can flourish

  • How to stop other people and relationship dynamics affecting your experience of flow

  • How to be in flow in teams and groups with different needs 

  • How to communicate to others what you need to be in flow

Your Programme Leaders

Letesia Gibson,
Lead Coach and Trainer

Having spent the first 15 years of her career working with creative ideas and creative agencies, she brings a first-hand understanding of the individual, agency and client dynamics that can elevate and dampen one's creative energy. Known for her ability to access her flow quickly and for extended

 periods of time, she is keen to support others to find their way. Today she works as a body-oriented coach who specialises in addressing the root causes of workplace stress and burnout. She is passionate about giving people new tools, so they feel empowered and resourced to make the change they seek.

Kata Armitage

Coach and Trainer

Having both directed theatre and learnt from different practitioners in her early career in arts and education, she has a fascination about the ways in which we connect to, and nurture, our creativity. Her own relationship with flow has often been fraught with blocks and distraction. It has therefore been a real learning curve to understand the right conditions to harness it.   Today she speaks on the topic of sleep, stress and improving mental health in companies and is a body-oriented coach specialising in working with overthinking twenty somethings. She is passionate about using the latest tools to help people reconnect with their creativity and purpose. 


Programme Dates and Details


Date - 21st May 2020

Time - 9.00am-5.00pm

Location - Re: Centre, Thames Wharf, Hammersmith, London, W69HA

Investment -  £450


What does the fee include - Fee includes all course materials, refreshments and light snack throughout the day. It excludes lunch, which can be purchased from an onsite or in local eateries near the river.


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