Burnout in the age of covid


Like most of us, I'm still working out what this new world order means for our experience of life and work.

At the beginning of this crisis, people who were already burning out have shared their relief at being forced to work at home. In the words of one such client - 'this is the first time I've stopped for 15 years'.

But now I am starting to see new forms of burnout emerging.

The one that struck me most though is burnout that sets when starting out in a new job as it seems to be happening sooner than it used to, as a result of these work at home times.

Here are some of the things contributing:

: difficult to build new relationships so we start second guessing and making assumptions which affects confidence and self esteem

: people give less time to give new starters so theres no feedback or connection moments so it's very difficult to know how you're doing

: companies have challenged leadership right now leaving new managers unsupported at a key moments which make it hard for them to work autonomously with confidence

: miscommunication is rife and the remote dynamics make it hard to get clarity so things linger or go unresolved and this causes stress

: companies under pressure mean new starters are under pressure, yet they haven't had chance to build their at work support system yet and are afraid to ask for the help they need.

Starting a new role is about impressing others, putting our best foot forward, finding our place in the culture and teams and making an impact. This begins and ends with the quality of relationships and communication.

We need to pay more attention to the way we support people not just what is offered.

Who's checking in?

How are we having casual connection?

How are we resolving conflict?

How are we having difficult conversations?

How are we giving feedback?

How are we connecting together as a team?

How are our leaders talking with us?

How are we making it ok to ask for help?

How are we teaching and sharing?

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