How passion for your work can put you at risk of a burnout

When we think about burning out, we tend not to think that it usually starts out looking like care, passion, enthusiasm, purpose. Those things we all associate with being positive indicators of work that matters and is meaningful to us. And when we do, we imagine it's happening to those that cross the boundary into obsession, perfectionism and workaholism.

We tend not to consider that these qualities pre-dispose us to burnout, and when this level fo engagement and care is met with workplace environments that do not serve us well, we have a recipe for disaster.

If you are someone who is heart-centred about their work, has a tendency for over-giving and delivering or your work identity really matters to you, then listen up. This article shines a light on how to keep an eye on reserving gas in the tank for yourself and being mindful about your heightened sensitivity to environmental that tip your engagement into prolonged stress and burning out.

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