My Story

Hello. I’m Letesia Gibson.

I spent the first 15 years of my career in the fast pace of agency life, where I consulted for many brands, ran my own businesses, built and led teams and worked at the forefront of innovation. I always had a deep commitment to wellbeing and could be found on retreats of every kind around the world. I wanted to feel at the top of my game, physically and emotionally.

In 2015, I had a burnout. Back in life as an employee, I saw the sharp end of poor leadership, toxic culture, lack of organisational vision and impossible expectations. It was a massive wake-up call that work and wellbeing in the workplace needed to look different. The environment and relationship dynamics in it were key.

I retrained as a coach, and have spent the last 3 years working in organisations, with leaders to create better workplaces by building values led, purpose driven organisations that put connection at the heart of work. I wanted to effect change by working with the leadership. But despite investing in values and purpose, stress, anxiety and burnout still continued to grow in our workplaces.

So I decided to step back and really reflect on the kind of change that was really needed. What I was seeing in workplaces was more disconnection, more distraction, less capacity to care for one another, less attention and a huge trend for more being done with less.

These reflections led me to acquire my somatic coaching qualification as I intuitively knew that one of the skills we all needed was being able to listen more to our bodies, to learn how to manage our states through our bodies and not with our chattering, busy minds. It also took me back to my sociological roots to look at the systems at play in organisations and the relationship dynamics that are holding us back from bringing our best.

I am now a body-oriented coach who works at the intersection of coaching, somatics, psychology and organisational dynamics. I continue to learn and train in this emerging field to shine new light on how to navigate the complex world of work we’re in so that we all can bring our brilliance to them.

Ultimately, I believe that you are your best teacher. You just need to know where to look. And that is my mission as I embark on this new venture. To give people the tools and self-wisdom to find their own way.

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