The heavy weight of expectation

This film has wise words from Mr School of Life himself on why we have epidemic levels of people not feeling good enough. Increasingly I am increasingly seeing clients with success anxiety which is essentially the phenomenon Alain De Botton is referring to. In a world when we are falsely told we can have and be it all, those that do not achieve that are left with the disappointment, frustration and self loathing that comes with not feeling ______ enough. Insert your own disappointing adjective. The Ancient Greek word for a phobia of being ordinary, Koinophobia, takes on new modern relevance as everyone feels bound to want to be something more special.

I like this invitation from Alain to find joy in the small things. Whilst stepping away from a whole cultural narrative focused on over achieving and making constant progress isn't easy to do, it's important to find moments of pause to question the expectations you are placing on yourself. I personally find asking the simple question 'is this really what you want?' can all by itself create a moment of honest reflection about what truly matters to you. All too often we are lost in a whirlwind of should, have to's, need to's and obligations that when we really get into it, are a million miles away from the things we really want to be doing.

We have to start there.

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