What can I expect from the programme?

A deeply nourishing experience to recharge you from within

You’ll be held by a team who have personally experienced burnout, ready to support you with love, total acceptance and heart felt passion to get back to a better you. You’ll be away from it all, with plenty of space for quiet and space, with our very own woodland to roam and reflect in.

A systems approach to identifying and addressing your experience of burnout

No two burnouts are the same. Over the course of the programme you will learn the specific impact of your environment, relationships, personal drivers and mindset and your body’s response, to inform personalised solutions for you.

Body-mind intelligence to recharge and restore your power

We will lead you through a body-focused programme towards optimal wellbeing and management of extreme stress. Through yoga therapy, reconnective energy healing, body-oriented coaching, energy management training, nutritional guidance and carefully selected additional therapies, you’ll feel stronger and reconnected to your own self-healing potential.

A sustainable way forward with a ‘back to reality’ strategic plan

From your pre-arrival coaching session, you’ll feel our commitment to personalisation right from the outset. We know preventing burnout needs this kind of support. You’ll leave armed with a clear plan, a supportive community, follow-up coaching sessions, nutritional guidance, personalised body practices and strategies for when things don’t go to plan, to keep you on track.

A serene location to recharge and find your way back to you

Being away from it all isn’t enough by itself to turnaround burning out. It needs a special energy, a place where you can accept where you really are, a safe space to be more open about the private experience of failure, disconnection and trying to hold it all together. This is that space. Having been where you are, we knew as it soon as we saw it. It feels like a big hug, a deep sigh, a knowing it
will all be alright.

Food made with love and nutrition to support burnout bodies

Burnout creates bodies with adrenal overload, weak immunity, digestive and gastro-intestinal issues, migraines, nausea, issues with clear thinking and memory, to name but a few common symptoms.  Our meals have been specially designed to nourish and specifically support these issues from the inside out. It tastes amazing too! You will feel our passion for food that gives to body and soul in equal measure at every mealtime.