How Trustees can speed up the rate of change on race equality in their charities 

Real Talk About Race:

Helping Boardrooms Walk the Talk

9-week interactive course.

Grow your authority on race inequality.

Learn the skills for courageous conversation.

Take the board from all talk to all action.

Up the ante on inclusion not just diversity.

Define your trustee change-maker role.

You want

new momentum

for race equality

You're frustrated by the slow pace of change and lack of urgency around change in the charity. Good intention is there, but there’s always other priorities that trump the focus on race. You want to create new momentum and agency by bringing new energy and possibility to the conversation. But right now, you don’t know how to do this and what role you can and should play in making that happen.

You want

to challenge the

status quo

You have been personally educating yourself on racism and race inequality but feel like it’s not giving you enough to build your personal confidence to challenge the charity’s status quo. You want to feel more informed on the truth of the problem and to have a point of view on how your organisation can be more accountable for being part of the solution.

You want to have

confident conversation

about race

You know that tricky questions need to be asked, uncomfortable realities faced, and new ways practised. But the conversation doesn’t flow, and awkward issues are avoided. You want to be able to talk as confidently about race as you do the strategic plan, and you know that part of that is helping the rest of the board to grow their confidence too.

Does this sound like you?

Building instinctively inclusive boards starts with you


We all have the capacity to have an impact on anti-racism and inclusivity agendas in our workplaces, but trustees have a unique role in shaping how deeply this is embedded in organisational DNA. At this seminal moment, we need more board members like you that step forward to inspire, challenge and advocate change. You know that creating more diverse teams in charity's that genuinely include all in our communities, is part of good, ethical charity leadership.


This course is for trustees that want to create an equality legacy


The truth is that UK charities are too white, especially at the leadership level. Like many sectors, we are trying to respond and course correct institutional racism and that needs all parts of an organisation to engage and support.  Irrespective of your background, experience or expertise, what you have is a powerful voice to help make a meaningful change and genuinely shape a new way forward. This course will help you to connect to that in the most effective way. 

Course Content

Nine lunchtime workshops. 

Personalised activities.

A safe space to learn and grow.

Learn together with other trustees


Week 1: What do we need?  

Learning Outcome: Acknowledge the truth of our charity inequality challenge

Week 2: What do we feel?

Learning Outcome: Understand how to navigate emotions and reactions

preventing real talk about race

Week 3: What don't we see?​

Learning Outcome: Know our limitations and blind spots that prevent us from

truly understanding the real issues to address

Week 4: How can we replace fear with curiosity?

Learning Outcome: Active exploration of the root causes that keep your charity white


Week 5: What gets in the way of true belonging?

Learning Outcome: Learn how language and behaviour prevents progress and keep inequality alive


Week 6: How can we walk the talk of equality?

Learning Outcome: Building our agenda for race equality through the lens of

charity mission, vision and values

Week 7: What will help me be courageous?

Learning Outcome: Honing the skills to step into honest, transparent

conversation about race inequality and racism

Week 8: What is mine to do?

Learning Outcome: Getting clarity on what we can influence and how we

can engage others to increase momentum

Week 9: What action am I taking?

Learning Outcome: Commit to your actions and create accountability with the group


What can I expect from the programme?


A safe space to express, learn and grow 

Learning groups will be limited to a max of 8 people. You with be joined by trustees from other organisations. This is a confidential and non-judgmental space that meets you where you are. You might feel you have good knowledge, or you may feel you are right at the beginning. I meet you where you are. Together we create a supportive environment together that enables your personal development at a pace that works for you. Practically, we will connect in weekly workshops and have self-reflective work to do offline.

A place to practice trying on new ways.

As much as we are learning, we are unlearning too. It makes us feel exposed. Getting it wrong, being clumsy and feeling triggered will happen. You'll learn how to navigate this with a toolkit that gives better ways to support yourself and others.  By replacing fear with curiosity, we’ll make progress without having all the answers or knowing exactly what to do. Along the way we’ll meet several guest speakers to give us practical ideas for what we can take forward in our respective organisations.


Learn how to become an equality role model

With each session focused on a specific learning outcome, participants are guided through self-awareness training to see how they can show up better to race inequality. Being a role model that inspires change in others is our ultimate goal, and through this course you’ll learn how to be a better observer to race inequality, overcome barriers to inertia, and to have confidence to be visible in standing up and speaking out. The course culminates in defined actions to take forward in your organisation that make the most of each person's potential for influencing change.

Be part of a support community making real impact

With the friendship, support and accountability of your learning community, you will find a new confidence. You’ll have the clarity to know what is yours to do on race equality and everyday racism. Learning together with other trustees that also want to speed up the pace of change is a powerful force in itself and lasting relationships result. This course gets you off the starting block with clarity, power and confidence to run your best race. But it’s the community you’ll build, that will help sustain in the long-term.


Next course commences 10th March 2021

letesia portrait.jpg

Your facilitator

Letesia Gibson, Founder of New Ways works with leaders and organisations to create strong workplace cultures and to deliver on the vision they aspire to fufill.

With a background in psychology, she brings over a 20 year experience as a career as a coach, consultant, strategist, future of work specialist and researcher. This unique set of skills allows her to support clients seeking to embed meaningful and lasting change.

She has a passion for creating genuine belonging, where equality and equity are integral to leadership and organisational practices.

She understands the specific demands of the charity sector and is supporting many third sector organisations to develop their anti-racism agendas.