Programmes to solve workplace problems that hold people back.

How I work

Using the latest neuroscience, body-mind intelligence, organisational psychology and future-forward ways of working, we create powerful agency for change.

Our programmes take you through a creative and truthful journey of self-learning and transformation to enable you to create an experience of work that genuinely fuels you.

Whether working with an individual, a team or a whole business, all work begins with a WORK FUEL assessment so each programme can be tailored to your specific needs.

Take Responsibility.

We take responsibility for our own wellbeing and needs in the workplace. By taking control of our own mindset, reactions and behaviours we begin the process of being able to change our reality.

Show Respect.


We respect and honour the true needs of each other by being curious to find out what they are and by being non-judgmental about their difference to our own. We are invested in meeting those needs through our relationships.

Do The Work.

We upgrade our experience of work by upgrading ourselves. Making a commitment to growing self awareness, becoming conscious of our impact and expanding our insight and capability to be a better humanbeing at work.

Prioritise Health​.


We see health as a 360º thing that has emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects that need to be supported for us to be able to have sustainable success in our lives and in our work. We know that health compromise is bad for business.

We work in partnership with clients aspiring to live these values 

Current Programmes


Go from burnout to bright light with new ways to self manage stress and navigate challenges that drain in work, people and culture. A programme to ensure your talent, capability and impact can shine.



Rip up the rule book and restart with new ways that fit how this team needs to work together to find its flow. Learn how to be in conflict-free, drama-free, in-flow relationships that fit each of your needs and  those of the business. 


Step up from managing into leading the new normal with confidence and certainty by developing the leadership skills to support people in adaptive businesses that need to create a culture of self-responsibility to thrive and grow. 


Being a pioneering POC or Woman at work is rewarding but it's hard to bring your whole self and the weight of responsibility to create change is draining. This course helps you navigate your way to being an authentic leader that makes a difference without compromising your wellbeing.


Lockdown has shown us how important being well equipped to manage our own mental health is. Join us for a weekly series of low-cost workshops to give you a space to practice cultivating inner calm and connection to yourself. 


However we have been affected during this crisis,  a new normal at work needs an intentional, conscious step into new ways together as a team. This programme connects, builds resilience and enables group participation in making your version of the new normal.